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Experience a revolution in nail care. Schedule today to tour our fun, clean space, meet our friendly team of talented professionals, and see what a not-so-typical nail care experience is all about. You can browse our menu of services online. You’re gonna love it!

7345 E. 128th Ave
Thornton, CO 80602

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Studio Hours

  • Monday 9:00am-7:00pm
  • Tuesday Closed
  • Wednesday 9:00am-5:00pm
  • Thursday 9:00am-7:00pm
  • Friday 9:00am-7:00pm
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the Frenchies

At Frenchies, you’ll find friendly pros. A fun vibe. Posh pampering without the steep prices. And a super clean, inviting space.

It’s a revolution in nail care.
and you’re gonna love it.

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Experience a revolution in nail care

Schedule today to tour our fun, clean space, meet our friendly team of talented professionals, and see what a not-so-typical nail care experience is all about. You’re gonna love it!

General FAQ’s

What information is required to book online?
If you are booking for the first time, you will be asked for your credit card information and prompted to setup an account. Your credit card is not used to prepay your appointment, it’s only for holding your reservation. Your account, which requires your full name, an email address, and a phone number, allows us to reach out if we need to get in touch. It also makes booking in the future super-fast and easy, as it retains appointment history and other helpful information!
Does Frenchies take walk-in appointments?
We do our best to accommodate walk-in appointments. However, we may not always be able to accommodate walk-ins, so booking your appointment ahead of time is the best way to ensure you’ll get the service you want when you want it.
Can I host a party at Frenchies?
Yes! Each studio has a party area for gift bags, snacks, drinks, and more. We can cater to specific requests and make your special event memorable for years to come. Want something more exclusive? Most locations can book after-hours access to their studio and friendly nail specialists. Call us today to plan the perfect gathering.
What is Frenchies cancellation policy?
We kindly ask that you cancel (or reschedule) an individual appointment with at least 24 hours’ notice. If appointments are cancelled less than 24 hours from the start of service, or you fail to show up for your booking, you may be charged up to the full cost of the scheduled service. To cancel an appointment, please login to your account online or call your local studio directly.
How long are basic manicures expected to last?
A basic manicure can last about one to two weeks depending on the type of activities you do using your hands or feet. Keep in mind that the nail shape and cuticle work last longer, but regular polish does not stand up well to all we put our hands through. Putting your hands in water frequently, exposure to any chemical fumes, scratching or using your nails as tools are some factors that affect the lifetime of your manicure. At Frenchies, we do offer CND Vinylux which is chip resistant for up to 7 days.
Frenchies does not offer acrylic nails. Why?
There are several reasons why acrylic nails are not only harmful for your nails but also your overall health! Besides inhaling the dust from filling of acrylics, your nails are getting damaged in the process. Using an electric drill on the natural nail thins them which makes them weaker and leads to breakage or even worse, permanent damage! It doesn’t end there! Having artificial nails can heighten the risk of serious nail infection. The nail bed is typically not cleaned properly in between getting that “rebase” which results in the perfect environment for bacteria to grow! Getting a soft gel manicure in place of acrylics is the healthier way to go. Not only is our gel polish applied and removed safely but we use the highest quality products available that are free of the harshest chemicals found in typical polish.
No jetted massage chairs at Frenchies. Why?
The answer is simple: they can harbor bacteria and don’t allow us to uphold our cleanliness standards. Jetted tubs can harbor A LOT of bacteria build up and the jets are impossible to thoroughly clean. Without proper sanitation, that bacteria swirls around the tub when the jets are on…the same tub that your feet are soaking in! That bacteria can cause infections and promote fungus that is painful and expensive to treat. we apply a medical grade disinfectant that sits in the tub for the time required of both local regulations and the manufacturer’s directions to ensure a thorough disinfection..
Will gel polish hurt my nails?
The good news is that gel nail polish itself will not hurt your nails. Picking at gel polish, however, can harm your nails. If you pick at the polish and peel it up, you will peel away part of your natural nail, leaving it thinner and weaker. Another cause of damage may be if the gel is removed incorrectly. Using a gritty file, sander, or other tool to vigorously scrape the product off can cause tremendous, and sometimes irreversible, damage to the nail and cuticles. Gel polish should come off easily after soaking in acetone. Frenchies only uses the safest processes to remove gel polish – we never use drills on nails.
Are Gel Manicures bad for your nails?
The answer…not at Frenchies. Frenchies only provides ‘soft gel’ services because they are the healthier option for your nails. In addition to the safer removal process, Frenchies only uses the safest gel products available. Our gel products are free of the harshest chemicals used in soft gel products.
Frenchies does not offer powder dip nails. Why?
Powder Dip is a powder form of acrylic, which we do not offer for the safety and health of your natural nail. In addition, powder dip requires the use of harsh chemicals. Cyanoacrylate is the active ingredient in powder dip acrylics, which is the same ingredient in crazy glue. Chemicals and drills are required for application and/or removal of powder dip nails causing strong odors and dust that is unhealthy for you and our team. Additionally, they can damage the natural nail, which is a big no-no for us! We stay on top of trends, but if they’re going to be harmful, we will always suggest safer alternatives.

Experience a new kind of nail care

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