About Frenchies Modern Nail Care


There’s a revolution happening in nail care. And you’re invited to join. Just walk into a Frenchies Modern Nail Care studio and you’ll know you’re in for something that’s beyond your typical mani-pedi experience.

​For starters, Frenchies doesn’t look, smell or feel like a typical nail salon. Our studios are light, open and airy (speaking of air, ours is especially freshno acrylics = no nasty chemical smells). We’re super clean. Inviting. And fun in that “I-love-hanging-out-with-these people” kind of way.

The Frenchies Modern Nail Care Difference

Every Frenchies team member is friendly and knowledgeable. Chat us up and we’ll share our healthy nail-care smarts while we get to know you, so that we can deliver your most enjoyable nailcare experience ever. Sound too good to be affordable? No worries. Frenchies is posh without the price. Make Frenchies your nail studio and join the revolution today!

Frenchies Modern Nail Care


At Frenchies Modern Nail Care, we aren’t just clean. We’re ridiculously clean. We’re super serious about the cleanliness and sterilization of our studio and tools because we truly care about the health, well-being, and safety of our guests. We also love our earth. That’s why we go above and beyond industry standards and exceed regulations to guarantee a clean, fresh, comfortable experience that’s kind to our environment.

What really makes Frenchies extra clean and environmentally friendly?

● We have a 3-step cleaning process for all stainless-steel tools. We scrub them with soap and hot water, soak them in medical-grade disinfectant per each state’s regulations—and for extra measure—use a medical-grade autoclave for chemical-free sterilization.

● We only use files, buffers and orangewood sticks once. They’re yours to keep, or we toss ’em. And when available, we recycle them. But we NEVER reuse them.


● We use freestanding basins for foot soaks—with no jets or pipes to trap harmful bacteria. We sanitize them with a medical-grade disinfectant per each state’s regulations between guests. We use cleaners that exceed industry disinfectant standards, yet eliminate harsh chemicals that aren’t good for you or our water supply. And because we don’t need plastic liners to provide sanitary foot care, we’re not sending tons of those to landfills.

● We promote natural nail care by carefully selecting products that are free of the worst toxic chemicals, yet still give you the beautiful nails you love. That’s also why acrylic nails aren’t our thing. We don’t want you, our employees, or our fresh air to be exposed to the resins and formaldehydes found in acrylics.

● We are always looking for ways to reduce or recycle the waste generated in our studios. (We avoid most reuse for all the right reasons!) And we do the small things that add up to big things over time, like emailing receipts, using LED light bulbs, using washable towels at our handwashing stations—plus more.

We don’t use dangerous tools or products (many of which are illegal) that you may see in other nail salons, such as:

​​​x Credo knives (foot razors)

x Cheese graters

x Acid-based products like callous removers or acid primers (Yes, there are places that actually use acid!)

x Porous tools (they can carry infection because they can’t be sterilized)

x Products that create unpleasant smells, including acrylic nails



From the moment you walk in the door, you’ll feel that Frenchies is different. From the bright, clean, and fresh-smelling studio, to the smiling, engaging concierge welcoming you, Frenchies is the nail studio experience you’ve been looking for—and deserve.

Here, you’ll find a social and fun atmosphere where guests interact with each other and with our friendly staff. You’ll get to know your nail specialist, just like you do your hair stylist, and your nail specialist will get to know you. It’s a fun, energetic place where you’ll like to hang out.

And because we don’t use acrylics (which smell bad and are harmful for your nails), you won’t have to deal with harsh chemical fumes. Plus, we use top-of-the-line sanitation and sterilization techniques to ensure that your hands and feet stay healthy and look great.

Why do we strive to be different—and better? Because clean, healthy nail care is what we’re all about. And the time you spend with us should be a special treat, not something to endure.

So, come on in, experience Frenchies and join the nail care revolution.